Get the new Diversity & Inclusion Chapter at no charge when added to any NEW processes for a client. (6/15–7/15)

June 11, 2020

One of the announcements the Trusted Advisor’s team made during 2019 was our commitment to material updates and development for the year 2020. We committed to updating the Sales Seminar series, which was unveiled in March, updating the Leadership process, which we will be soft unveiling at the virtual Towne Hall on July 30th and creating a chapter focused on Diversity and Inclusion. We soft unveiled the new chapter in March to get Affiliate feedback, and we will officially unveil it on July 30 during the Towne Hall.
We are very cognizant and respectful of what is going on in our country. The new chapter on Diversity and Inclusion could be meaningful and helpful to your participants and your clients. Based on the current environment, we found it important to unveil this material before its original intended release date. From June 15 to July 15 we are offering to include the Diversity and Inclusion chapter, at no charge, to any new processes that an affiliate purchase for their clients. It can be added to either hard copy or the LMS version, and it also has the standard streaming audio. Helping you help your clients!