Power Summit Special 10/22

November 3, 2022

During October Power Summit, we unveiled our new Process Excellence. The new process contains three new chapters and three new action plan sections. The client material will also include the Goal Planning Sheets section of the action plan. This program can be used on its own if that is all your client needs, or you can add it to a personal development process. We have created the Leadership Through Process Excellence program which combines Leadership 2.0 and the six new Process Excellence chapters. You can see the Table of Contents and the IPP on the Process Excellence page of the Affiliate site HERE

This new material is meant to be used by all with no certification necessary. So that you may familiarize yourself with this new material, we are holding a training on December 7, 2022. from 10 AM to 2 PM EST.

We are extending a post Power Summit special for these new materials to the entire network. Here are the specials:

  • $160 – 6 Chapters and Implementation Manual
  • $500 – Training, 6 Chapters, and Implementation Manual

(Regular Pricing: $160 for 7 Chapter, $80 Implementation Manual, and $395 for Training)

This special will end on Monday, November 7th.